How Authors Can Use Pinterest to Stand Out

Tips for Authors to STAND OUT on Pinterest by Kim Vij

Pinterest works for all types on industries including Authors and Illustrators. In this article I’ll share with you some ways that authors can use Pinterest as part of their marketing plan.  Authors can utilize their Pinterest Account for inspiration, character development, writing groups, and even to help expand their skills.  There’s always something to learn on Pinterest.  Here are quite a few resources for authors to get started on Pinterest to help them STAND OUT.  Continue reading

Top Resources for Pinterest Holiday Marketing

Pinterest can be one of the best tools to use for marketing to increase your reach for the holidays. Are you using it to your fullest advantage?  Here are some steps to take to ensure your brand is represented on Pinterest this holiday season.

Top Resources for for Holiday Marketing with Pinterest from Kim Vij

Tops Ways to use Pinterest for Holiday Marketing

Some creative ways to drive traffic are to create unique boards that help to draw attention to your brand.  Consider adding a Pinterest Board that showcases these topics… Continue reading

Tips for Finding Your Voice Online Using Pinterest

Do your Pinterest Boards reflect you and the voice you’re creating with your website or brand?  My passion on Pinterest is about sharing resources and tips for Parenting and Early Childhood Education.  What’s yours?

Tips for Finding your Voice on Pinterest

Why are you on Pinterest?  Can your readers and/or customers easily identify the purpose of your pinterest boards? Your Pinterest Boards should feel like a store front window for your brand. Does yours?  With over 1.5 Million on Pinterest followers at The Educators’ Spin On It we’re continually trying to ensure that we’re bringing to our amazing followers the content that encouraged them to click FOLLOW.  Here are a few steps to get you started.

How To Find Your Online Voice on Pinterest  Continue reading

Explore the New Layout on Pinterest

New Layout on Pinterest increases searchability

Pinterest has just released a new layout to provide better search for you as a user!  Here are a few ways to best utilize these updates on Pinterest. Helping you to find the most relative content that you are searching for with less amount of time.  When you log into your account Pinterest will take you through the steps of the changes.  I love that as a user they are walking you through the updates, always good to keep your user informed. However they missed a few notices so I figured I’d share a few updates with you to make it super easy. Plus explain why I think it will help users search Pinterest and potential have an easier way to discover your pins through 3 key additions. Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Pinterest

Are you looking for ways to grow on Pinterest?  We’re sharing our secrets in a Hangout On Air, come join us!

Strategies for Maximizing Pinterest

This weekend I had the opportunity to participate as a presentor at the 2nd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference hosted by Chef Dennis Littlely.  Our Session was called Maximizing Pinterest.  In this Google Hangout On Air I had the chance to chat openly with Cynthia Sanchez, from Oh So Pinteresting, to share the tips and tricks about Pinterest.  Whether you are a business owner or a blogger this hangout addresses so many questions users have and shares tips to help each of us succeed and grow on Pinterest. Take a look and feel free to leave your Pinterest questions! Continue reading

Pinterest Tips for Business Owners and Bloggers Board

Here’s what I’m pinning on Pinterest all about using Pinterest for your Business.  Check out my Pinterest Tips for Bloggers and Business Owners!

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