Valentine's Day Messages with Pinterest

Valentine’s Day is here and it teaches us a valuable lesson in life, even on Pinterest, that  when it comes to those we connect with daily, tell them how much you appreciate them.  Pinterest made it a little bit easier when they added the capability of sending messages directly to users.  Have you ever tried it?

Valentine's Day Pins on Pinterest

 Pin and Send This Message to your Favorite Pinterest Users {Click here}

No matter why you’re on Pinterest chances are you’ve connected with a community of Pinners that you think are PINTASTIC!  Each day those you follow, are searching and bringing content right to your stream to be inspired by when you log into you Pinterest account.  Have you ever considered sending them a message on Pinterest?

Sending a Message on Pinterest

Pinterest Board featured how to Share Pins on Pinterest. To send a message on Pinterest click the paper airplane at the top of any Pin to send it their way. If you’re on your phone, just press and hold on whatever Pin you want to send. It even autopopulates to those you’ve recently connected with through pins or previous messages.

I must admit for my own personal reasons with my spouse we send recipes back and forth as we plan out menus and it was the one way I was able to bring him on board to Pinterest as a user.  How can you connect with clients for your business with Pinterest this way? Or perhaps with those that you collaborate with often on Group Boards?

Tips for Sending Messages on Pinterest by

To quickly find those you’re wanting to message it pulls up a reference list based on the letters you’re entering just, making it super simple to do.  Sending a message is an underused tools on Pinterest but I’m here to tell you take advantage of this and see how you can use it effectively with your business or even with your friends pinning with you.

Impressions on Pinterest with User  Since January 2015

Business Accounts on Pinterest were emailed today at little message about this program. I just have to say that we LOVE our Followers at The Educators’ Spin On It and are totally thrilled to be a part of your experience when using Pinterest.  Thank you for pinning along with us as parents and educators!  Hope you Send a Valentine!  Here’s ours to you!  {Click here}

Hope you have a pinteresting Valentine’s Day with your friends and family!  

Valentine's Day Pins on Pinterest

Images Source Pinterest for Business

Valentines’ Day on Pinterest

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