How Authors Can Use Pinterest to Stand Out

Pinterest works for all types on industries including Authors and Illustrators. In this article I’ll share with you some ways that authors can use Pinterest as part of their marketing plan.  Authors can utilize their Pinterest Account for inspiration, character development, writing groups, and even to help expand their skills.  There’s always something to learn on Pinterest.  Here are quite a few resources for authors to get started on Pinterest to help them STAND OUT. 

Tips for Authors to STAND OUT on Pinterest by Kim Vij

As a huge fan of children’s books and one who shares quite a bit of reading based focus on our own Pinterest boards and websites I see huge potential for authors on Pinterest. It has the capability for you to share information about you and your books onto your board for fans and potential new readers to discover.  Do you have a Famous Author on Pinterest you follow? 

Tips for Authors Using Pinterest: Podcast

Brain Burps Podcast Episode Authors on Pinterest with Kim Vij

BIG NEWS: I was quite honored when Katie Davis host of the podcast Brain Burps asked me to be on her podcast. Katie is #1 best selling children’s book author/illustrator, speaker, coach. She offers courses for writers, be sure to check them out! I shared quite a few tips for authors during the Podcast! Go listen now and bring pen and paper!


Resources for Writers Using Pinterest

After you’ve listened to my podcast with Katie you may have a few more questions so I figured I’d try to find the answer for you.  Here are some of the top articles that share tips about Using Pinterest as an author.

We a teaching background, I know that you learn best by a variety of resources in your tool belt.  I did some research for you and screened quite a few resources for learning now to use Pinterest as an Author.  So many great tips by leading experts in this industry of publishing and marketing books.  Which strategy will you try first? 

Here’s how these Author Boards are standing out on Pinterest in Search

TIP:  Consider using the your name as your Pinterest Profile ID but adding author or writer to it to stand out 

For my exclusive tips for Authors CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MY PODCAST with Katie Davis

How Authors can Stand Out On Pinterest by Kim Vij

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