How to Simplify Your Everyday Life with Pinterest

Pinterest has the capability to make our everyday moments inspirational.  We find inspiration for things to eat, items to create,  places to go and even creative ways to celebrate.  This week’s PinChat shares ways to use Pinterest to help to simplify everyday life.

Using Pinterest to Help Simplify Everday Life

Take a look at your boards and what you’ve titled them on Pinterest.  Do think represent the things that you are interested in?  Were they created as a way to help improve a focus in your life?  Pinterest has the ability to help you find just what you’re looking for to make things a bit simpilier.

Using Pinterest to Simplify Everyday Life

I’m old enough now to remember what parenting was like without Pinterest around. My oldest is now 22 and off on his own with my 4 and 8 year olds still growing up at home. Coming up with what to do for a kids party at times took a lot of creative thinking at times. Researching how to build your own household item required some digging at the library, subscribing to magazines or watching quite a bit of This Old House and HGTV until you were finally inspired to take action. Today we can see an idea pretty much anywhere and add it to our Pinterest Boards.  How are you using yours to make things easier for you? Do you use your Pinterest boards to inspire you and your family?  If not you should be.

Creating boards that help you keep life organized is one way to consider using Pinterest. 

Thoughtfully Simply by Tori Tait

I’m excited to share with you our guest this week for #PinChat!

It’s Tori Taiti @HostessTori.  She is the founder of her website is called Thoughtfully Simply.

Tori enjoys sharing on her site creative ideas, pretty cocktails, and is passionate about helping others growing their businesses as a talented marketing professional. She like things simple, from her DIY ideas, to her cocktail recipes, to her marketing strategy. With a fulltime career and a family she tries to practice the motto “less is more.” Tori is currently the Director of Content and Community for The Grommet.  I look forward to learning more about her simple approach to creating and entertaining and growing your business.

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Tori Tai from Thoughtfully Simple

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 Simplify Everyday Life with Pinterest

There are so many ways you can use Pinterest to help simplify everyday life with pins about…

  • Recipes
  • Fitness
  • Party Planning
  • Travel
  • Home Improvement
  • Parenting
  • Teaching
  • Fashion
  • Business Goals
  • Campaign Inspiration
  • Resources
  • Much Much More!We chatted for over an hour during our #pinchat  on the variety of ideas on how to organize yourself  using Pinterest.  Plus some great tips for time management as well.  Be sure to read the storify version if you missed it or even if you want to reread the chat since it was moving fast.  I encourage you to retweet any tips to read on storify to share with others.

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What else would you add that you use Pinterest for to Simplilfy your life?  Leave me a comment below. 
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