4 Facebook Groups Updates You Need to Know for Online Marketing

4 Facebook Groups Updates You Need to KNow

One key strategy to your Facebook Marketing is using Facebook Groups. The past year facebook has made so many changes to their facebook groups as part of their new mission. It’s time to take note and know that facebook groups can be a game changer for your online business.

Bloggers and brands have a direct line to connect with and build your community through facebook pages.

Did you read the news that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new mission is to: Bring the world closer together?  

Facebook Groups are the solution! 

Facebook Group Updates You Need to Know for Online Marketing


The slides from my Presentation are below about Facebook Group Updates


Facebook Group Updates with Insights

First things first…have you set up a Facebook Group for your Blog?

How Do I Create a Facebook Group from Facebook 

How to Create a Facebook Group from Post Planner 

Facebook Groups for Pages from Tech Crunch 

The lastest updates to Facebook Groups are very similar to how you manage your facebook page in a place that helps you connect with your community

  • Scheduling Tool
  • Group Features on Pages and Groups
  • Member Questions for Prescreening
  • Insights Features focus on Growth, Engagement, and Members

Take a look at the presentation below to see how these facebook updates can be a game changer to managing your facebook groups and your website.

Updates to Facebook Groups with Insights and how to use to monetize your online business

FLBlogCon Presentation about Facebook Group Updates

I had such a great time speaking at FLBlogCon in Orlando about a new topic for me to share about.  I got to change topics from Pinterest Marketing Strategies to the topic Utilizing Facebook Groups for Major Gains.  

The session was inspired from our own PinChat Facebook Group and Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group. Are you a member?  

Here’s the slides from my FLBlogCon Presentation about Facebook Group Updates

Thank you so much for coming to my FLBlogCon session to learn about how you can use Facebook Groups to connect, grow and monetize with your online community.

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Still want to learn more about Facebook Marketing Strategies?

In the blogging world, Rachel Miller has been sharing some KILLER FACEBOOK STRATEGIES in her course. You can join her FREE Moolah Marketing Facebook Group hosted by Rachel Miller.

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4 Facebook Groups Updates You Need to KNow

Let’s Connect in a Facebook Group

What is your facebook group about? REPLY below and let me know what your group is about and what your goals are with it.


Creating an Editorial Calendar for Summer Content on Pinterest

Setting up your editorial calendar for Summer Content on your Pinterest Account should be a HIGH priority for your summer marketing plan. Pinning LIVE needs to be a part of your summer plan too. Here’s why…. 

Many bloggers go on a lighter schedule during the summer time. They acknowledge their readers are busy offline with their families at home and traveling on summer vacations. Should you? 

Summer Pinning Strategies

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Summer Pinning Schedule for Success

The ironic part is that your online community is probably searching for your content during the summer.  Life’s a little hectic during summer so people have less time to find what they are looking for.  You need to know you’re there as the answer.  So what pinners do is to quickly jump to Pinterest to find the things they are looking for.  

It’s one of the top search engines!  

Be a Pinner’s Answer in Search this Summer

I want your pins to be their answer.  So before our busy schedule of summer, I want you to spend time creating your editorial calendar for Pinterest and have it all scheduled out using Tailwind’s Scheduling tool.  Click here if you haven’t signed up yet. Continue reading

What 150 Million Users Have Taught us About Pinterest

Pinterest is showing it’s in the game, are your pins there to play? See the latest updates and how to optimize your pinning efforts on this popular platform.

Join PINCHAT AT 1PM EST on Wednesday 10/26.


Did you see the latest Pinterest updates for October 2016?

150 Million Active Users on Pinterest

There are so many new updates to Pinterest in the past few weeks! Have you been following along in our PinChat Facebook group? Here’s a peek at some of the articles that have been shared by Kelly and myself and several PinChat Community Members. The biggest news focuses on the growth of Pinterest this past year… it’s up to 150 Million Active Monthly Users! Here’s a few of the recent article about Pinterest and it’s growth…  Continue reading

Discover Tools and Tips for Scheduling Pins at PinChat

Happy Wednesday! It’s PinChat Day! Tonight we’re talking about tools and tips for scheduling pins on Pinterest.

There are lots of things going on in the world of Pinterest the past few weeks. Have you been keeping up in the PinChat Facebook Group?

Click here to join PinChat for free!

Plus the kids are all heading back to school, it’s TIME to gear up for the Fall and Holiday Season on our Pinterest boards. I know many of us, including myself, must confess that pins and boards did not our full attention over the summer. Tonight’s chat is all about getting back into the routine of things by talking about Pinterest SCHEDULING.

I’ll be sharing my post this week about Pinterest Scheduling after our chat.  Can’t wait to share with you the secrets behind our schedule for building up our Pinterest account to 1.6 Million followers!


Tools and Tips for Scheduling on Pinterest

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Summer Topics to Pin on Pinterest

Tips for Pinning this Summer on Pinterest. With the start of summer what are some things you are focusing on pinning for July? Some of the topics might surprise you what you should be pinning this time of year.  Here are some suggested topics to pin.  

Summer (1)

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Summer can potentially be a great time to attract new followers to your Pinterest account. Especially if your target are teachers. They are at home enjoying their well deserved break from the school and truthfully on Pinterest searching for ideas for their classroom for next year.  After 10 years in the classroom, trust me now is the time to capture their eyes with your pins. Why do you think the Target dollar spot carries adorable classroom supplies starting in June and July? It’s a huge market to address. Plus there are many Moms taking moments on Pinterest to search for fun ideas for their kids this summer there too.

Do you have a Summer Pinterest board?


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Pinterest Trends to Watch for at SMMW16

At SMMW16 there will be quite a few trends to take note on focused on Pinterest.  With over 100 million active users Pinterest is definitely  HOT topic in Marketing but do you know why and where to start? Pinterest has been around for quite a few years and it seems that many brands both big and small are realizing they need to up their marketing game plan.

Pinterest Trends to Watch for at

In growing my Pinterest account to 1.5 Million followers I learned quite a bit about Pinterest that I enjoy sharing with others to help them succeed.  Each week I have the chance to connect and interview many brands and business owners who focus on Pinterest as I host #PinChat with Kelly on twitter and a facebook community I am truly amazed at some of the case studies that they are able to share about with their results on Pinterest.  They are driving traffic, awareness and more importantly revenue to their businesses using pins with various trends on Pinterest.

Are you using Pinterest for your business?  Continue reading

Can Pinterest Work for Your Business? Here's How

This week is packed full of Pinterest Chat Adventures for me.  I thought I’d share with you all that is happening this week focused on Pinterest.  These chats provide several opportunities for  free learning about Pinterest.  This is information that I often share with my Pinterest Clients as a consultant.  Many of these upcoming chats will answer the question….

Can Pinterest work for your online Business?

I’m pretty sure the answer is YES and here’s why…

  • Pinterest has the ability to help you build your influence and authority online.
  • Pinterest provides you with opportunities to highlight your story with visual marketing.
  • Even as a small business on a low marketing budget, there are a variety of ways to manage it including using Pinterest schedulers.

Here’s where I’ll be sharing Pinterest Tips this week!

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Upcoming Pinterest Chats to Follow & Join

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