Can You Improve How You're Monetizing with Brands on Pinterest

Do you wonder how to land sponsored posts with your favorite brand?  There are so many various ways to connect with brands for influencer marketing. Have you discovered the right one for your community?

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Working with Brands on Pinterest

One of my favorite things behind creating my Pinterest consulting business is connecting with small business owners and brands and showing them the power of influencer marketing, especially on Pinterest.  I still think that there’s so much room to grow for influencers and how we’re working with brands to monetize in purposeful and natural connections.

My dear blogging friend, Jenny Melrose, is launching new online course Working with Brands: An Influencers Guide.  I know you are starting to consider your goals for 2017 and I must admit monetizing needs to be a part of your online business.  In this course, Jenny shares how to double your income in 90 days and fill your editorial calendar with step by step instructions.  She’s a rockstar!

I’m excited to share with you that she’s invited me to join her in a webinar to talk about working with brands.  Will you join us? 

RSVP NOW Thursday, November 10 at 11am EST.  (Spaces are limited)

We’re going to show you…

  • How to reach out to brands without having to work with networks that act like middle men.
  • How you must take specific steps to ensure you hear back from a brand.
  • How to avoid waiting for brands to reach out to you so you can finally make a full time income
  • The answer to the most common question I get asked, “How do I find the right person to send my pitch to?”


Monetizing with Brands on Pinterest

Looking forward to sharing with you a bit about how I’ve worked with Brands on Sponsored Content.  One of my most favorite things is working with brands and showing them how to connect with influencers on their blogs and social media including Pinterest.  I’ll be sharing some insights and things that you should consider as  you work to monetize your business online.

Be sure to share this webinar with a blogging friend to come join the conversation and let’s reach our goals for 2017 together. 


Learn more about Working with Brands: An Influencer Guide Course 

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