Can Pinterest Work for Your Business? Here's How

This week is packed full of Pinterest Chat Adventures for me.  I thought I’d share with you all that is happening this week focused on Pinterest.  These chats provide several opportunities for  free learning about Pinterest.  This is information that I often share with my Pinterest Clients as a consultant.  Many of these upcoming chats will answer the question….

Can Pinterest work for your online Business?

I’m pretty sure the answer is YES and here’s why…

  • Pinterest has the ability to help you build your influence and authority online.
  • Pinterest provides you with opportunities to highlight your story with visual marketing.
  • Even as a small business on a low marketing budget, there are a variety of ways to manage it including using Pinterest schedulers.

Here’s where I’ll be sharing Pinterest Tips this week!

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Upcoming Pinterest Chats to Follow & Join

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10+ Visual Social Media Marketing Experts You Should be Following

Are you finding it a challenge to stand out as your build your business on social media? You only have so many hours in a day and your want to make those moments count.  In the past few years I’m had the chance to connect with many social media experts both online and in real life at the conferences when I present. I learn so much from hearing them share about what works for them and the clients the represent.  I’m excited to share with you that a few of these experts are coming together for a one of a kind online conference for you…. Visual Social Media Conference!

 pinnable brand

The organizers of Visual Social Media Conference have hand-picked speakers who “walk the walk” and live their success.  These are people who, through their content, including books, blogs, videos, classes, and other offerings, have helped countless others use visuals to grow their own businesses and ignite their own content and lead generation programs.

So thankful to have connected with the organizers Jeff Sieh, Vincent Ng and Alisa Meredith!   If you are are not following them be sure to add them to a twitter list of Pinterest Experts to follow!

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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Videos and Podcasts

Pinterest has the ability to share all types of content.  One content that is overlooked at times is videos and podcasts.  Are you pinning your podcasts to Pinterest?  The better question might be are you making images for your users to be able to pin your content for you onto Pinterest?  If the answer is no you are leaving a huge gap in your marketing strategy for your videos, podcasts and even your periscopes and blabs.

In this week’s #PinChat we’ll be discussing how to market your videos and podcasts on Pinterest.

READ the TWITTER CHAT NOW with Jeff {Click HERE}

How to Promote Video and Podcasts to Pinterest with #PinChat Guest Jeff Sieh

Kelly Lieberman and I are excited to welcome Jeff Sieh as our PinChat Guest this week. Jeff is the Creative Director at His Design, Inc. and Head Beard at Manly Pinterest Tips where he is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, he teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. His catch phrase is “Adding testosterone…one pin at a time”  You can find him hosting his own Google Hangouts on Air and podcasts and sharing great tips on his blog and newsletter.

READ the TWITTER CHAT NOW with Jeff {Click HERE}
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Creating a Visual Marketing Strategy on Pinterest

Tips for creating a visual marketing strategy for Pinterest

Pinterest has the ability to highlight your efforts in visual marketing with your business.  Are you using it wisely?  There are a few ways to strategize how to use Pinterest for your marketing efforts for your website.  One of foundations are the images you create.  Do they reflect your brand style consistently?  Here are a few suggestions to make your images STAND OUT on Pinterest. Continue reading

Creating Images for Pinterest that WOW

We are all discovering quickly that Pinterest drives traffic to websites. One of the fundamental ways it drives this traffic is through images. Are you creating images that WOW? There are several resources available to website owners and bloggers to create images easily. Many of them are budget friendly too.

I’m going to share with you resources and tips for creating images for Pinterest.

How to Create Images for Pinterest that WOW at #PInChat

CLICK HERE to read the RECAP of our Twitter Chat with Peg Fitzpatrick 

#PinChat is hosted by Kelly Lieberman @Tribe2Point0 and Kim Vij @EducatorsSpin

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The Importance of Images on Pinterest

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7 Reasons You Should Join #PinChat on Twitter and Facebook

7 Top Reasons to Join the #PinChat Community and Twitter Chat Wednesdays at 9pm

What is #Pinchat? Are you even familiar with the term #PinChat?  If not you should be. Here’s are 7 reasons you should join the PinChat Facebook community and participate in the #PinChat Twitter chats on Wednesdays at 1pm ** New Time**. I promise you, it’s a place that will take your Pinterest game plan to a whole new level.  Plus I have a BIG announcement for you at the end of this post! Continue reading

How Teachers Can Maximize Efforts on Pinterest Webinar

Using Pinterest for Education as a tool for Teaching by Kim Vij

Finding yourself on Pinterest but not sure where to start? Is your feed filled with fashion, fitness and food but nothing related to educational resources and activities?  Teachers this is the webinar for you.

You’re invited to a webinar focused on Teachers Using Pinterest

Confession… just change out the word teacher and education and this webinar works for just about every niche

Pinterest Webinar for Teachers

Webinar for Teachers on Pinterest

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Pinterest Experts at SMMW15

Are you looking to discover a variety of ways to use your Pinterest account?  Do you wonder who’s’ advice I should be listening to with my pinning techniques?  Let me let you in on a little secret…..

Pinterest Experts

I have the opportunity to connect with some of the leading experts with Pinterest in person in one place.

Social Media Marketing World hosted by the one and only Social Media Examiner will opens it’s doors for their annual conference on Wednesday March 25 to Friday March 27 and literally thousands of people will be there to listen to top experts when it comes to Social Media Marketing techniques.  Many of these speakers and attendees have written articles about Pinterest on Social Media Examiner itself.

Pinterest Experts at #SMMW15

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