Pinterest Trends to Watch for at SMMW16

At SMMW16 there will be quite a few trends to take note on focused on Pinterest.  With over 100 million active users Pinterest is definitely  HOT topic in Marketing but do you know why and where to start? Pinterest has been around for quite a few years and it seems that many brands both big and small are realizing they need to up their marketing game plan.

Pinterest Trends to Watch for at

In growing my Pinterest account to 1.5 Million followers I learned quite a bit about Pinterest that I enjoy sharing with others to help them succeed.  Each week I have the chance to connect and interview many brands and business owners who focus on Pinterest as I host #PinChat with Kelly on twitter and a facebook community I am truly amazed at some of the case studies that they are able to share about with their results on Pinterest.  They are driving traffic, awareness and more importantly revenue to their businesses using pins with various trends on Pinterest.

Are you using Pinterest for your business? 

In addition I have the chance to connect with clients who schedule one on one sessions with me to create a marketing strategy for their Pinterest accounts. My number one recommendation is to use Tailwind to manage scheduling your pins and account analysis.  (affiliate link)

Over the next few days I’m attending Social Media Marketing World and I noticed something very interesting on the schedule….there are 4 sessions  including a panel session that will be focused on Pinterest and two Table Talks.  Even Pinterest has joined as one of the sponsors which is awesome!

Pinterest and the trends on Pinterest are  a topic that many business owners and social media managers what to discuss and learn more about.  With the addition of buyable pins and promoted pins marketing is beginning to change  on Pinterest and it’s important if you want to be successful to keep up.  I wanted to share with you a quick list of people you need to make a point to connect with while you’re here to help you grow your marketing efforts on Pinterest.  There’s a range of what they focus on from account management, account training, scheduling tools, affiliate marketing, visual marketing and then moving over to working as pinfluencers and even a couple Pinterest who were selected by Pinterest to be a part of their Business Expert team to respond to questions on Pinterest. All of them are a part of our PinChat Facebook Community… you should come join us too!

So here they are… go be sure to follow them on Twitter!  

Pinterest Experts to Connect with at SMMW

Alisa Meredith
Amy Lucurto
Amy Porterfield
Azure Collier
Danny Maloney
Donna Moritz
Jeff Sieh
Jennifer Fishkind
Kate Ahl
Kim Vij (THAT’S ME)
Melissa Megginson
Natalie Jill
Peg Fitzpatrick 
Rebekah Radice 
Tori Tait
Umang Shah
Vincent Ng

These are Pinterest experts that I’ve been inspired by over the years and wanted to share with you if you’re looking for how to use Pinterest to optimize your online presence.

I’ll admit there’s no way for me to know in a group of 3000 attendees at SMMW who else works primarily on Pinterest, so I’m sure I’ve missed a few too.  If you’re attending SMMW16 and your focus area is Pinterest please leave me a comment and stop by to say hello about the Pinterest Table Talks on Monday and Tuesday.  I’d love to hear about how you use Pinterest for your Business.

Pinterest Table Talks at Social Media Marketing World

The good news is we have two days available to get together for lunch and talk about Pinterest!  Come join me and a few of the speakers and we’ll talk about my favorite topic Pinterest.  Let’s talk about the upcoming trends we’re seeing and also discuss things that are working and possible even to working with your efforts.  Many of the speakers have said they will come join us too.  Mastermind Consultation… trust me you’ll want to be there!

PINTEREST QUESTIONS: I’m looking for questions to be sure we cover during the Table Talks and upcoming PinChat’s on Twitter, so please leave me comment below and I’ll be sure to ask them during our Table Talk and perhaps might inspire a future #PinChat on Twitter in the upcoming weeks.

Pinterest Focused Sessions at SMMW

Natalie Jill
How to Turn Pins into Customers and Profit with Pinterest
Monday 11:30 AM Room 29 CD

Azure Collier, Umang Shah, Tori Tait moderated byAmy Locurto
How Brands are Optimizing Their Pinterest Marketing to Get Significant Results
Monday 2:00pm 30 BC

Vinent Ng
How to Drive Traffic With Pinterest’s Interests and Visual Discovery Tool
Tuesday 11:15 AM 33 ABC 

Jeff Sieh
Re-purposing With Results: 5 Ways To Share Your Content On Pinterest
Tuesday 3:30 PM 30 BC

PINTEREST TIP: Follow the hashtag #SMMW16 during these times to get some awesome tips about Pinterest! Tag it with #pinchat too so our facebook community can connect too and chat about we see as upcoming trends on Pinterest and how things are changing.

Pinterest Trends to Watch for at (1)

Look forward to connecting with you at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and sharing our thoughts on Pinterest trends to watch for this upcoming year and they apply to your visual marketing strategy.

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Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in the post, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Thank you Kim, for your kindness and generosity. Your friendship has really fired me and lifted my spirits, and I can’t thank you enough for mentioning me in this article, and to be joined by a class of wonderful Pinterest marketers. I look forward to more Pinteresting talks with you in the future.

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