What 150 Million Users Have Taught us About Pinterest

Pinterest is showing it’s in the game, are your pins there to play? See the latest updates and how to optimize your pinning efforts on this popular platform.

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Did you see the latest Pinterest updates for October 2016?

150 Million Active Users on Pinterest

There are so many new updates to Pinterest in the past few weeks! Have you been following along in our PinChat Facebook group? Here’s a peek at some of the articles that have been shared by Kelly and myself and several PinChat Community Members. The biggest news focuses on the growth of Pinterest this past year… it’s up to 150 Million Active Monthly Users! Here’s a few of the recent article about Pinterest and it’s growth… 

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What Can you Learn from 150 Million Pinterest Users?

The best part about having so many users and so many brands on Pinterest is the ability to create case studies of what is working and honestly what’s not.  Several brands and experts shared their Pinterest Case Studies this past month.  Take a peek.  

After reading through these articles is assures to me that Pinterest is here to stay and it’s time to figure out your game plan and marketing your pins on Pinterest.  Time and time again when I speak with bloggers and small businesses their biggest traffic source is Pinterest. It’s also why brands are connecting with influencers to work in their campaigns.  Here’s a few examples of how I’ve worked with brands on Pinterest as a pinfluencer.   It’s time to look at what’s working and see what you can really do for driving traffic and sales with your Pinterest Account.  Are you up for the challenge?

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Pin Collective

As a content creator my BIGGEST takeaway the month was the announcement of the new Pin Collective at Pinterest. Here’s an opportunity to have Pinterest help you connect with brands looking for clients to help create creatives for them. If you’re interested, be sure to email them. These types of campaigns have been over the years have been one of my favorite things to do with brands. I highlighted a few here on this Brand Collaborations Board.  My Memorable Holidays , Talk About Delicious Gametime and Back to School Boards are some of my favorite examples of working with Brands like Walmart, Tyson Foods, Hillshire Farms, Earths Best, PicMonkey and More!

Have you had any success focusing on a Pinterest Campaign with a Brand? 

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Optimization Checklist for Pinners

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