Creating a Marketing Strategy for Using Hashtags on Pinterest

How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest. Tips for online marketing with Pinterest from PinSmart Academy #pinchat #pinsmart #pinterestmarketing

You might be wondering if hashtags should be part of your Pinterest marketing. The answer might surprise you about hashtags on Pinterest. Here’s what’s changed and how you can stand out on Pinterest in 2018!

Recently you may have logged onto Pinterest and something just didn’t seem right time. Let’s be honest it’s happens time and  time again, different features have changed on the Pinterest platform. Listening to online circles, I am sensing a little bit of frustration but with the latest change is a big change. Continue reading

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Videos and Podcasts

Pinterest has the ability to share all types of content.  One content that is overlooked at times is videos and podcasts.  Are you pinning your podcasts to Pinterest?  The better question might be are you making images for your users to be able to pin your content for you onto Pinterest?  If the answer is no you are leaving a huge gap in your marketing strategy for your videos, podcasts and even your periscopes and blabs.

In this week’s #PinChat we’ll be discussing how to market your videos and podcasts on Pinterest.

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How to Promote Video and Podcasts to Pinterest with #PinChat Guest Jeff Sieh

Kelly Lieberman and I are excited to welcome Jeff Sieh as our PinChat Guest this week. Jeff is the Creative Director at His Design, Inc. and Head Beard at Manly Pinterest Tips where he is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, he teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. His catch phrase is “Adding testosterone…one pin at a time”  You can find him hosting his own Google Hangouts on Air and podcasts and sharing great tips on his blog and newsletter.

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