Helpful Tools to Use for Pinterest

Are you curious what are the top Tools for Pinterest recommended?  This week’s topic at #pinchat was about Tools for Pinterest.  It’s interesting to see what’s available and what people find most useful.  Take a peek at this #Pinchat Twitter chat to see what was mentioned and check it out for yourself, it might be just the thing you need to help grow your Pinterest boards this year! 

Tools for Pinterest featured by the PinChat community
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Tools for Pinterest

Pinterest has become such a powerful tool for many business and bloggers to grow their platform.  Through it’s success they released it’s API to a few companies who have now provided new and improved tools to use on Pinterest.  Two of my favorites for bloggers and small business owners are Tailwind and Ahalogy for scheduling. Tailwind has an analytics features as well.  Pinterest this week released a downloadable guide & video for their analytics which is a very useful must have tool.  {Cilck here to download} For creating images and for editing both Canva and Picmonkey rank high on my list for different reasons.

Top Tools for Pinterest Success



Social Warfare 





Pinterest Analytics 

View the #PinChat on Tools on Pinterest  on Storify  {Click Here}

Pinchat is Hosted by Kelly Lieberman Wednesdays.   Plus Kelly is the creator of the #pinchat Community on facebook.  Click here to join the group.  This week Kelly asked the question Which Pinterest Tools are your favorites for 2015.  Check out to see what the favorites are from some of your favorite pinterest experts too like Jeff Sieh from the Manly Pinterest Show, Susan Wenner Jackson from Ahalogy and Zoe Waldron from Hello Society and MORE.

Do you have a tool that you use for Pinterest?


Tools for Pinterest recommended by the PinChat Community

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5 thoughts on “Helpful Tools to Use for Pinterest

  1. I’v been using Tailwind the past couple months and love it. It’s been really helpful for scheduling pins and finding new content to pin. The Lite analytics are really good- just really wish I could afford Pro! The demo of Pro looks so cool.

    I also really love Canva. I found Tailwind from a blog post talking about the integration with Canva. Combining the two is really convenient- I can create pins in Canva, schedule them and then schedule recommended pins right after. Overall, it’s saving me probably 1/2 hour a day. 🙂

  2. Hi Meagan – Do checkout Viraltag – we offer scheduling for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr & Linkedin. We have other features to help you discover and organize your visual content in one single place.

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